On the one hand, we are not our bodies or our minds. On the other hand, we are everything, including our bodies and our minds. Here’s a poem that popped into my head after I spent a meditation trying to block out all unwanted thoughts and sounds.

That truck rumbling

That missing carburetor revving

That ceaseless airplane rumble

That interferes with your meditation

About being aware of your true self

That is you.

That distracting, unwanted thought

That yelling neighbor

That smell of smoke

All you

That angry honking car

That pleasant bird chirping

That calming ocean wave

That breath

That heartbeat

And all sensations beyond our notice

That is me.

That is you.



https://www.freepik.com/photos/3d-render 3d render photo created by freepik — www.freepik.com

You can’t take a break from a break

Hey hey hey ho ho ho
I cannot come
If I do not go
Ho ho ho hey hey hey
I cannot leave
If I do not stay

You can’t take a break from a break
You can’t wake up
From being awake

Silence turns sound into notes
A song that is sung
Won’t be stuck in your throat

But a song without end
Is just background noise
You can’t hold a thing
Without holding a void

Frowning forever
Lets in no sorrow
Before I give back
I need to borrow

An unceasing smile
Is no smile at all
I won’t feel height
Without knowing the fall

To let out the cat
The cat must be about
And to open your heart
I must first be shut out

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