My Positive Things List

2 min readJul 3, 2024
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These days, almost every conversation I have ends up spirally into a list of complaints. We are complaining about politics, the weather, ugly apartment buildings, bad restaurants … kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

To counter that negativity, I have been prompting myself and my friends to talk about positive things. Let’s talk about that great movie! That cake you made was amazing! What else do you like to bake? What are some the things we appreciate about the local music scene? I’m sure that if you try, you, too, can come up with some positive subjects. Or just share some of the wonderful things you’ve witnessed recently. Here is a partial list from me, just as an example:

  • Today, I saw two bird nests under the awning of the local tattoo parlor, and one had birds cleaning themselves in it. It was very cute.
  • There was a massive thunderstorm in my home town two days ago and I’m still without power. But you know what? It hit while I was hanging out at a downtown teahouse, and the owner offered to drive me home when she closed the store.
  • My friend offered to help me put up my porch swing.
  • My neighbor just gifted me two little parsley plants that he grew.
  • A friend who is downsizing offered to give me her stone Buddha for my backyard.
  • My father’s tumors are




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