The Creative Union of the Conscious, Subconscious and Universal Minds

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4D flower of life metatron by shaktibonny

Imagine a flat, 2-dimensional world, where everyone and everything exists on a planer surface, able to see all around, except, that is, for up or down. The late 19th-century writer, Edwin Abbott Abbot called such a place "Flatland," in his novel of the same title. To the inhabitants of Flatland, a square appears to be an impenetrable border. There doesn’t seem to be any way in or out. To a being of three dimensions, the square is open, and its borders are not barriers at all.

In our the 3-dimensional world, a box appears to be closed off, just like a square in Flatland. But, the box is wide open to a fourth dimensional entity. All barriers are illusions. All knots, all problems are wide open when approached from a higher dimension.

Lately, I have been thinking of that higher dimension as a dimension of the spirit. Problems that are insurmountable to 3-dimensional beings are seen from a spiritual dimension as not problems at all. In Wayne Dyer's book, There's a Spiritual Solution for Every Problem, the author insists that this is the case - all so-called problems, every one, is an illusion of the material world.

In 1919, the author Charles Haanel published The Master Key System, a course on spiritual awakening by which the reader trains to create a full union of the objective mind and the universal mind, by way of the subconscious mind. Haanel suggests open-eyed meditation in order to practice full controll of the physical body. I had always meditated with my eyes closed, but I have been trying open eyed meditation, and have come across some interesting results.

As I sit, motionless, staring ahead of me in a quiet room for 20 minutes or so, I teeter on the brink between awake and asleep. This is common in closed-eye meditation as well. But, with my eyes open, I begin to observe my subconscious dream manifestations with my conscious mind. Thus, my conscious and subconscious minds start to cooperate as never before. Another way to achieve this is lucid dreaming.

When I meditate with my eyes open, I can experience hypnogogic hallucinations. These are sort of waking dreams that one can have when the subconscious and conscious minds are both active. If the conscious mind retains alertness and objectively studies…


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