Manifesting Freedom from OCD

Yes, I cured my OCD. I still feel urges, and sometimes catch myself in an OCD-induced thought or action, but now I can simply stop and move on. I have written about my behavior that led up to my sudden cure five years ago. I have corresponded with people around the world about what I did that may have been helpful. But I think that the missing ingredient is mastery over a part of my brain that used to enslave me. It was a switch: The slave became the master.

For months, I had been incorporating the affirmation, learned from The Master Key System, of I can be what I will to be. I was using it to change circumstances in my life. But I could only successfully apply it to my OCD when I had gained complete confidence that I could manifest positive things in myself and in my environment.

If you want to give it a shot, I suggest that you read The Secret and the much older text, The Master Key System. And once you have an idea of how to apply the techniques of manifesting, you practice manifesting small things. Successful manifesting gave me the understanding that I could manifest freedom from OCD. I had to first remove all doubt.

It’s a process, and it may take a while. Start with something small like, as suggested in the Secret, manifesting a cup of coffee. I break down manifesting to five parts. I think:

I am asking for a cut of coffee.

I am expecting a cup of coffee.

I am receiving a cup of coffee.

I am very happy and grateful for my cup of coffee.

Thank you for my cup of coffee.

I know the last two are a bit redundant, but that’s just what I feel works best for me. Notice that all statements are in the present tense. You want a future cup of coffee but you think as if you are currently receiving it. The key is to feel the emotions associated with these sentences, especially the emotion of gratitude. You should picture that cup of coffee. Imagine the sensation of holding the hot cup. Think of the smell of coffee, and most importantly, really feel grateful for having received that cup of coffee.

Don’t demand that the cup of coffee come to you right away. Just put it out there for the universe and let it go. One afternoon, I thought through manifesting a cup of coffee and the next morning someone came in to work with two large cups, saying the café accidentally made an extra cup and asked me if I wanted one. It was the morning that I actually could use the coffee, not the afternoon when I was thinking about it.

It helps to think of time as existing all at once. The future is now. There are, of course, many possibilities for the future. You just want to place yourself in the one that has a cup of hot coffee waiting for you.

Other possibilities for practice manifestation: A gas station coming to you as you drive down the highway low on gas. A perfect parking space. A delicious bowl of soup.

Witnessing even the smallest miracle helps you to believe in miracles. When you start seeing these things manifest, you understand that you can bring about your preferred reality. When you realize that your conscious mind has the power to control your brain, then you are empowered to declare your freedom from unwanted behavior. There’s nothing wrong with you along the way if you don’t instantly gain control over yourself. It can only happen once doubt is completely eliminated. And I believe that it only takes a second of pure doubt-free belief to make it happen.



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