• Mónica Manzano Hidalgo

    Mónica Manzano Hidalgo

    Divulgadora. I want to inspire awareness of choice. Writing about Nonviolent Communication, Science of Happiness and mental health

  • A Known History

    A Known History

    obscure family related trivia from Jason McGathey

  • Erin Weeks

    Erin Weeks

    writer, poet and digital collage artist. I like to turn my stories into art || insta @poetry.erin || buy me a coffee : https//ko-fi.com/poetryerin ❣️

  • Jay Record

    Jay Record

  • Kanal Erozegemen

    Kanal Erozegemen

  • Callum McGee

    Callum McGee

    Scottish Creative Writing student with a love for literature, film and music.

  • Saurav Shrestha

    Saurav Shrestha

    One foot in the third world and the other in the first.

  • Monik Flores

    Monik Flores

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