Endless Projections of Reality

2 min readJan 4, 2023

How many of you do you see in a mirror? You see exactly one copy, even thought the light is reflecting images of you at other angles. That is to say, if someone were to look at that mirror from a different angle, they may see a different reflection of you. There are an incomprehensible array of reflections of you bouncing off the mirror. While you perceive the single reflection facing you, there are an infinite number of other versions, each equally true and complete.

Infinity Mirrored Room — Love Forever: Collection of Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/Singapore

Reality is like that. We experience one version, but it’s no more real than any of the infinite other versions that coexist. Even our perception of this reality can be markedly different from someone looking at it from another angle. Is one more valid? Truthfully, all versions are but minute pieces of the larger whole. We may not be able to see the whole, but it’s helpful to know that it exists.

This is true in our perception of how the universe works, as well as what’s true politically, culturally and metaphysically.

We should stop deceiving ourselves into thinking that we have a a lock on truth. And we can take comfort in knowing that with a change of viewpoint we can change our reality.

There are, in fact, versions of you that are free of OCD, where your mind is not encumbering your body and spirit with irrational thoughts and behavior that interfere with you reaching your full potential in life.


I can be what I will to be, and I will to be free of OCD.

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