Be Safe, Be Free

1 min readMar 6

Bamboo is safely rooted in the Earth and free to flow in the wind; it is safe and free. Be bamboo in the wind.

The ocean is made of individual drops of water but is one living, flowing powerful thing. Be drops that are part of the ocean.

Be safe, be free. Be yourself, be connected.

Harmony is finding balance. Balance between safety and freedom, between self and connection. Nature relies on balance: Particle and Wave, Yin and Yang, Sky and Earth, Night and Day.

If you feel untethered, too floaty and lost in the wind, stomp your feet, walk in nature, feel the Earth.

If you are stuck in circumstances and feeling trapped, meditate, do energy movement like Qigong that relies on the cycle of breath.

Your living body is the connection between earth and air. You are made of earth and live through the air you process.

Be safe, be free. Be yourself, be connected.

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