a leaf, a tree

We are the leaves of a tree that spans the entire universe. Our bodies, like leaves, serve their purpose and fall off the tree but the energy that brought life to us remains. So what is the true, essential essence of you? Is it the vessel or the content? Some leaves may think they exist all on their own, that they are going through life not attached to a tree, not attached to Source. Silly little leaves.

It may be helpful in reducing your anxiety if you can feel the connectedness of all life in the universe. You can, but you may need to start closer to home. You may feel joined with the life energy of another when you are making love. You can also go on a stroll outside and find a beautiful tree; that tree is made of the same matter and energy as you. You and the tree are inextricably connected, part of the One. If you take the time to sit and contemplate that beautiful tree, you might try thinking, “I am you, you are me, we are tree.” Close your eyes and picture yourself as the tree. The separateness is somewhat of an illusion. Yes you have distinct bodies, as do leaves, but you are both part of the interdependent web of life of the Earth and the energetically connected tree of life of the universe.

Now here’s a thought. Not only are you part of all life on all planets and all realities in the universe, but that connection spans all of time.You are connected to everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen. And, you make it all happen — you, the conscious, living universe.

Its hard to hate a neighbor when you know that just like a hand, they are part of you. It’s silly to hate your leg. We are all part of the body of life. So let’s love and appreciate our self.



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Essays, stories & poetry about OCD, culture and society, by Eric